Monday, October 09, 2006

Choosing your website name

Significant names

Recently we have been getting good results in page ranking choosing significant website names. For example if you are interested in ranking well for duck migration observation in canada, is a good idea to name your website or

Easily rememered names

But it is always important to have a website name that can be easily remembered. So maybe you need a shorter name. This is important for the word-of-mouth publicity, you would like that your site name is short and can be rememered.

For example even their offer books, music, suplies, ... is a good name, and maybe is not as good.

Remember that many promotion of your website can be out of Internet.

Finally, if you will concentrate in positioning your site you may choose the first option, if you think you will have very much word-of-mouth publicity it is better a easily rememered name. If you can combine the 2 , even better !

Helping you getting the best of internet

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Simple Math : a question of ROI

You have statistic data
Once you have your website with a certain positioning, and you can analyze 2 or 3 months performance you can get statistic data.

Simple Math
For example, you can know that for every 1,000 pages printed in your site ( 1,000 pages showed to the visitors ) you get 3 sells, each one giving you a $ 25 utility.
So, if you can invest, for example $ 25 to get 1,000 pages prints, you know you are doing a good business ! A 75% is a good ROI.

Where to get it
This invest can be in the form of optimizing your site, starting a payed campaign in google or yahoo, paying for a link a digital newspaper , etc...
Many times you can guess how many "clicks" you will get, and the average prints of your pages that clicks implie.

Watc-hup : Quality visits
But you have to be carefull of the "quality" of the clicks you are getting. We know google and yahoo clicks are good, and the ones you get from a well knew newspaper too. But there are offers like : "Get 10,000 visitors quickly" that can be robot generated visits, or paying people only to enter your site... and often these kind of traffic is not "quality" traffic, probably they enter your site and go away, giving you a 1 page por visit average.
A good page por visit average my be 4 or more ( generally ).

Just in case you don't get all the meaning :

Pages prints : every page displayed in the browser to a visitor of your site
ROI : return of investment
PPV : pages per visit . How many pages a tipicall visitor that came from
some referer does.

Ask for consulting help
We can help you starting a statistic system to messure your web site. The consulting process for getting it is the only cost you will have. The services we can configure for you are free.

We will give you more tips soon

Gilberth GS

Website Traffic

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Optimizing a web site

The thing we think is the best weapon is the optimization of the sites in order to get a good position in the search engines.

When we achieve that, we have a web site that receives traffic without paying for it. Besides, it gets credibility because who surfs on the Internet puts his trust in the big search engines like Yahoo and Google and he is going to believe that a site that has a good position is going to solve what he is looking for.

Working with an expert in optimization ( SEO - Search Engine Optimization ) we improve together the site and it is carried to the big part Internet users are looking for information on the web.

Gilberth Gutiérrez
Website positioning

Don’t let us being creative

A piece of advice that someone gave it to me for the content redaction of a site as well as online advertisements is that we have to be creative.

For example, we had an announcement at google adwords for a suitable tourist development property.

The original title was: Property in Guanacaste (too original by the way), so we changed that title for: (This would be your hotel’s announcement)

And the number of clicks increased in a thirty percent.

We always have to remember that we are writing to people, even if we use the technology to send the messages.

Gilberth Gutiérrez
Creative internet promoting


The purpose of the blog is to explain using understandable terms to every user, so we are going to talk more about the keywords topic.

In general, when the user uses the search engines (Yahoo. Google, msn), they provide to us several keywords in order to find the sites they are looking for. When we are talking about web site optimization or PPC (pay per click), it is very important to choose adequately the keywords, so that our advertisements will present our keywords of interest.

We have to take into account the vocabulary, synonyms and the language in order to reach the way people look for our keywords in the different countries.
We have proven that better results are achieved with the use of more specific keywords. For instance, if we want to promote our hotel in Punta Uvita, Limón, Costa Rica, in general, we could direct the promotion campaigns to:

Costa Rica= too general
Costa Rica vacation= general
Costa Rica Limon vacation= specific
Punta Uvita hotel vacation= specific

Usually, it could be more interesting for the visitors to search for specific keywords. (Costa Rica, more people are going to look for that)

Important: Normally, PPC pays more for generalized keywords; therefore, a campaign with the Costa Rica keyword is going to be more expensive.

We are going to talk more about this topic later.

See you then

Gilberth Gutiérrez
Website marketing concepts

Pay per click (PPC)

Yahoo, Google and AdWords are the principal exponents in order to promote the pay per click web sites; however, online newspapers and other sites use this modality, too.

Our main purpose is that our announcements appear by context (only in some searches and some search engines) and we only pay if the user really enters to our announcement by a click.

It is important to advertise in this modality the fact of managing the keyword concepts, so I am trying to explain in the simplest way these terms as I promised in the blog introduction.

Leave the idea on the table!

Gilberth Gutiérrez
Pay per click consulting

How do I promote my web site?

First, we have to have recourse to strong well-positioned sites, such as newspapers and then, we pay for a link of our site. It is going to help us in popularity and the visits to our site. As a recommendation, you have to create a link using a phrase that is present in your site and talks about what you are selling (we are going to talk more about keywords later in the blog part)

For example, if you have a site called “Topográfos R & M”, your link should not be as simple as, it would be better "topografos costa rica" with a link to your site.

As an interesting note, some American online newspapers have announcement schemes where you pay per click and it is not a fixed amount. Besides, it allows to select the sections we want for our ads.

Gilberth Gutiérrez
Website promotion

Why do I need to promote my website?

Companies that have the principal business on the web do not need an answer to this question, it is too obvious. However, it could be possible that they only know few marketing means for their web sites. This blog can help you how to learn about other existent ways.

If your enterprise is not based on the web, you can discover a promotion mean that has three desirable characteristics:

1- Economically accessible
2- Focalized: it is possible to present before who is looking for the service or product that I am selling.
3- Measurable: the impact of the publicity campaign is measurable through constant monitoring of the site's visitor activity.

Finally, it is good to point out the existence of other uses for the traditional enterprises sites. For instance, an enterprise that needs technical support for their products or frequent upgrades of their product characteristics can use the web in order to lower the costs, upgrade the information of the site and receive opinions or electronic formularies which would decrease the costs for having an operative structure in order to attend clients.

The Internet is a huge place, as we said before, but once our link becomes popular, it can be visited by many people, too.

Gilberth Gutiérrez
Hosting and Internet marketing

Introduction (for dummies)

We started our project through our DA3R company web site. Its main objective is to use the blog for bringing the necessary knowledge about the Internet to the user and who believes that his site can be more useful than carrying out with a time’s requirement. We want to explain with your help how and why we can get more visitants to my site.

Take this as an introduction and wait for the next delivery; we are going to go deep into the reasons why we should get more visitants to my site

Gilberth Gutiérrez
Promoting websites